Science Bits provides an entire complete curriculum for Middle School Sciences. Therefore, you can use Science Bits as a replacement for traditional textbooks.

Additionally, Science Bits’ contents are organized in lessons that can be ordered and arranged to cover any specific middle school Science curriculum. Take a look at our curriculum alignment services.

Teachers can also arrange their own learning sequences and even provide different contents to different groups of students to suit diverse levels and backgrounds.

There are several levels of content atomization:

  • 5E complete lessons: learning lessons designed according to the 5E model, which include all the stages in the teaching-learning model. Designed to cover a minimum of 8 class periods.
  • 2-5 hours lessons: lessons designed to cover 2 to 5 class periods.
  • 1 hour lessons: activities designed to cover one class period.
  • Short activities: activities and exercises designed to be carried out in under an hour.
  • Short lessons: lessons designed to be carried out in under an hour.


5E complete lessons provide full learning sequences that ensure conceptual change and learning with understanding. Shorter lessons constitute pieces of the 5E sequence that are neatly organized according to their subject area and learning goals. Among others, there are lessons designed to provide an appealing introduction to the new concepts that will be developed later, lessons that provide inquiry based approaches to concepts, activities that expand upon previously introduced knowledge, and lessons that review and evaluate the knowledge acquired.

The name of Science Bits was intentionally given to our project with the double meaning provided by the word ‘bit’:
bit /bɪt/ n. [countable]
1. Computing: a single, basic unit of computer information
bit2 /bɪt/ n.
1. a small piece of something

So the first meaning makes reference to the fact that Science Bits is a digital instructional solution, while the second meaning alludes to the fact that Science Bits is divided into small bits (lessons, activities, etc.) that you can arrange to create or align with any middle school Science curriculum.

Align Science Bits with your Science Curriculum

Science Bits provides free curriculum alignment services when you adopt the program.

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Implementing NGSS?

Check out our brand new curriculum SmartNGSS that makes implementing the Next Generation Science Standards easy and successful.

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Not from USA?

Our local partners in each country provide curriculum adaptations of Science Bits to local schools. Ask us to get in touch with them and get additional information.

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