Science Bits with ilearnOhio

Science Bits has announced today that it has been included in the ilearnOhio clearinghouse . Ohio public school districts and chartered nonpublic schools awarded with the eTextbook Pilot Project Grant will, upon request, be funded to purchase Science Bits.

· eTextbook Pilot Overview is a $6 million ($3 million in FY2014 and FY2015) grant program, funded by the State of Ohio. It was designed to facilitate the purchase of digital texts, electronic educational content, and professional development and training resources by Ohio schools.

Ohio eTextbook Pilot Overview:

  • Public and chartered nonpublic schools may apply .
  • Awards must be used for content or professional development for teachers and students served by the awardee. (Eligible awardees may partner with other entities.)
  • The digital texts, electronic educational content, professional development, or training must be purchased through ilearnOhio.
  • All digital texts and electronic educational content must align to Ohio’s Academic Content Standardsincluding the New Learning Standards.
  • Priority will be given to proposals that detail the engagement of business and industry partners to assure content relevance to Ohio’s 21st century workforce needs and/or initiatives designed to strengthen educator knowledge and skills in targeted areas of need (e.g., reading instruction).
  • Grantees will not receive any funding or reimbursement of expenses, but will instead receive the content or professional development only.

For more information, please see the complete grant program overview .

Click here for a complete list of all the Electronic Textbooks/Curricula in ilearnOhio's clearinghouse.

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